Points Competition Results 2014

The winners for 2014 are as follows:


Foal 1st Cared Mari Jen – Euros and Janet Davies

Yearling 1st Trehwfa Anastasia – Richard and Jean Evans

2 Year old 1st Merau Haf – Ieuan Jenkins

2nd Friarly Fashion’s Pride – Peter and Ann Jones

3 Year Old 1st Cared Sophie Ann – Euros and Janet Davies

Mare 4+ 1st Cilsane Misty Maid – Euros and Janet Davies

2nd Barracks Patsy – Ieuan Jenkins

Gelding 4+ 1st Thistledown Velvet Boy – Sara Evans (Young Member)

Ridden 1st Pendock Partytime – Meredydd Davies (Young Member)


Yearling 1st Cadlanvalley Statesman – Kath Davies

Mare 4+ 1st Soudley China Rose – Kath Davies


Foal 1st Henfynyw Blackjack – Davies Family

Yearling 1st Menai Rayanna – Peter and Ann Jones

3 Year Old 1st Henfynyw Lady Eleranor – Davies Family

2nd Menai Curiosa – Peter and Ann Jones

Mare 4 + 1st Henfynyw Magpite – Davies Family

Stallion 4+ 1st Caerneuadd Hywel – Calvert Williams


Foal 1st Trehewyd Olaf – E.D.Evans

2nd Cared Arwel – Euros and Janet Davies

3rd Ystwyth Cymro Du – Richard and Jean Evans

Yearling 1st Rhydfendigaid Gweneira – Mr. A R Hughes

2nd Ystwyth Tywosog Harri – Richard and Jean Evans

3 Year Old 1st Syfydrin Solitude Lisa Marie Evans

Mare 4+ 1st Trehweyd Gwenfron – E.D.Evans

2nd Brynmeillion Daphne – Euros and Janet Davies

3rd Ystwyth Sparkling Cara – Richard and Jean Evans

3rd Ronin Eva – Roger and Nina James


3 Year Old 1st Blaenllain Doodlebeas’s Dark Knight – Tina and Mandy Jones

2nd Bryneos Charlie Boy – Yvonne Jones

Mare 4+ 1st Pica Star Attraction – Kath Davies

2nd Blaenllain Doodlebea Supreme – Tina and Mandy Jones

Stallion 4+ 1st Blaenllain Doodlebea – Tina and Mandy Jones

Gelding 4+ 1st Romany River Moonstone – Caryl Evans (Young Member)

Ridden 1st Blaenllain Doodlebea Supreme – Tina and Mandy Jones

2nd Blaenllaid Doodblebea Tina and Mandy Jones


All Champion’s presented with £20.00 kindly sponsored by Mrs Kath Davies,

Miss Iola Lloyd Hughes and Mr Euros Davies

SECTION A: Cared Mari Jên

SECTION B: Cadlanvalley Statesman –

SECTION C: Henfynyw Lady Eleanor

SECTION D: Trehewyd Gwenfron + Rhydfendigaid Gweneira

WPBR: Blaenllain Doodlebea

Overall Championship was jointly won by the Section D winners

Trehewyd Gwenfron and Rhydfendigaid Gweneira