Points Competition Results 2018

Section A:

Foal: 1st Moelbanc Jenga owned by Mrs Felicity Wills

2nd: Windleshaw Rio owned by Glen and Karen Harris

Yearling: 1st Merau Jini Mai owned by Mr Ieuan Jenkins

3 year old: 1st Merau Lotti Mai owend by Mr Ieuan Jenkins

Mare: 1st Moelbanc Alw owned by Mrs Felicity Wills

2nd Trehwfa Anastasia owend by Richard and Jean Evans

Stallion: 1st Windleshaw Mr Darcy owned by Glen and Karen Harris

Section B

Mare: 1st Littlecourt Gold Dust owned by our young member Meredydd Davies

2nd: Trefriw Vicky owned by Rose Rooke

3 year old: 1st Trefriw Helen owned by Ellen Rooke

Welsh Part Bred

Yearling: 1st Ystwyth Special K owned by Richard and Jean Evans

Mare: 1st Blaenllain DBs Emma’s Sensation owned by Tina Jones

Section C

Foal: 1st Henfynyw Lilly owned by the Davies Family

2nd: Walena Jumping Jack owned by Mathew Dixon

Yearling: 1st Tremymor Seren Mai owned by Gareth & Caryl Jones

2nd Ormond Ruby Mai Owned by Richard Morgan

Mare: 1st Maesllwch Madam Heartbreaker owned by Mathew Dixon

2nd Henfynyw Lady Elenor owend by the Davies Family

Section D

Foal: 1st Ystwyth Megan Mai owned by Richard and Jean Evans

2nd Trehewyd Seren Mai owned by Mr David Evans

Yearling: 1st Ystwyth Telynores owned by Richard and Jean Evans

2nd Windleshaw Lady Caroline owned by Glen and Karen Harris

3 year old: We have joint winners.

Maesmynach Materpiece leased to Nina James

Maesmynach Dymuniad owned by Mr Eric Davies

Mare: 1st Thorneyside Megan owned by Richard and Jean Evans

2nd: Trehewyd Gwenfron owend by Mr David Evans

Stallion: 1st Dycott Mourinho owned by Caredig and Hazel James


Section A Champion: Merau Lotti Mai (Mr Ieuan Jenkins)

Reserve Champion: Moelbanc Jenga (Mrs Felicity Wills)

Section B Champion: Littlecourt Gold Dust (Meredydd Davies)

Reserve Champion: Trefriw Vicky (Rose Rooke)

Part Bred Champion: Ystwyth Special K (Richard and Jean Evans)

Reserve Champion: Blaenllain Dbs Emma’s Sensation (Tina Jones)

Section C Champion: Henfynyw Lilly (D avies Family)

Reserve Champion: Maesllwch Madam Heartbreaker (Mathew Dixon)

Section D Champion: Ystwyth Megan Mai (Richard and Jean Evans)

Reserve D Champion: Dycott Mourinho (Ceredig and Hazel James)